Tulsa's River Parks Trails Back Open - But Under Repair

Friday, June 7th 2019, 8:41 pm

Tulsa's River Parks is open for use, with repairs from flood damage continuing.

A couple of significant sink holes opened up on the river trail, but those have been filled in with gravel and blocked off. Trail users can detour around both spots.

Judy Bomer was jogging near 13th and Riverside when the trail caved in, right in front of her.

"It was big. Someone could have really been hurt," said Bomer. "We saw two bicyclists go over it, and it caved in, this big sinkhole and as we stood there, more and more of it was caving in."

There are other repairs coming. A few trees fell and the high water eroded the banks. Some damage may not be visible yet - because the water is still high.

At 41st Street - the electric motors for the fountains were flooded and will have to be replaced. The River Parks staff is making a list of the damage.

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"We assessed the sinkholes and washouts, and places where the erosion has taken place. I don't have the tons of materials or what the remedies are but we're working on it," said Matt Meyer, the Executive Director of River Parks.

In places, the the river bank is draped with trash, much of it plastic, that was washed downriver and left hanging when the water receded. Teams of volunteers worked last weekend - and will again this weekend, to clean it up.

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