Flash Flooding Causes Big Headaches For Tulsa Drivers

Friday, June 7th 2019, 12:21 am
By: Justin Shrair

Flash flooding in homes once again hit Tulsa hard Thursday, June 6, catching many people off guard.

The water near 41st Street North and Lewis has gone down considerably, but just hours ago this area looked like a lake.

It caught several people off guard, leading to some intense moments.

Near 41st Street North and Lewis, Tulsa Firefighters rescued several people trapped in the water right next to Dwight Butler's friends home.

"It was wild. It was pretty amazing,” said Butler.

Butler said he's never seen flooding like this in his life even with all the devastation over the last several weeks.

Near Pine and Memorial water rushed into Debbie Walker's garage and car, surprising her.

"I looked out my front door and I thought 'holy cow I'm like in a boat, you know in the middle of a river in a sea,' it was just incredible,” said Debbie Waller.

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Walker said she moved here from Indianapolis - despite the recent rainfall she said she is here to stay.

"I'm blessed to be here. I love Tulsa. I don't care - God will restore; he is faithful,” said Waller.

Near Lewis and 11th Street, the flooding continued at the Fab Lab as employees swept out water.

Near North Fulton and East Pine, water rushed through city streets. Just down the road even more water, stoplights were out and traffic backed up for miles.

"Everybody's okay; my dogs are okay so like I said we are just waiting to make sure the weather is done and then we will start the clean up," said Stephanie Blackstock.

But back near 41st street North and Lewis, Dwight Butler said after seeing this much rain in so little time, he is warning people to pay attention.

"Stop - turn around. It's too late after that," said Butler.

A reminder to turn around and don’t drown if you come to high water.


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