Vice President Mike Pence Pledges To Help Oklahoma Flood Victims

Tuesday, June 4th 2019, 5:54 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Tulsa Tuesday to get a look at damage from extreme flooding around northeastern Oklahoma and pledge federal help to those affected. 

Vice President Pence and his wife Karen landed around 11:40 Tuesday morning at the Tulsa International Airport. They then moved to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, whose team has been focused on disaster relief efforts for flooding victims over the past couple of weeks.       

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The vice president met many members of the Food Bank staff and spoke to them about resources for flood victims. He said the federal government is here to help and will stay with Oklahoma until the affected communities are all the way back on their feet.

"Our pledge is to be with you every step of the way," he said.

There are state and federal resources available to help families and communities rebuild, he said. 

Pence repeated the message to storm victims at the Town and Country neighborhood in Sand Springs where residents are cleaning up and trying to move back into homes that were flooded.

He stressed that President Donald Trump wanted him in Oklahoma to show that the federal government will stand by the state.

"We're going to stay with them in places like Town and Country and all over this state until we rebuild these communities bigger and better than ever before," Pence said.

"Our hearts grieve for the loss of life, and we send our condolences and our sympathies to the families of those six who were lost in the the wake of these storms."

Pence said despite the loss and sadness, they are grateful for local leadership and first responders as well as the job the National Guard has done in the wake of the storms.


Vice President Pence announced the visit on Twitter Monday morning, saying he, President Trump, and their administration "are with the people hit by these storms as they rebuild."

This is the second time Pence has been to Green Country in the past few months.       

He came to Tulsa to campaign for now-Governor Kevin Stitt back in October.