Johnson & Johnson Spokesperson Testifies In Oklahoma Opioid Trial

Monday, June 3rd 2019, 7:27 pm
By: News On 6

Johnson & Johnson's spokeswoman spent another full day being questioned by the attorney general's office as the state lawsuit continued for the fifth day.

On Monday, the state's attorney showed the judge training presentations used to prepare sales reps to market Johnson & Johnson's drugs to doctors.

The state went through PowerPoint slides talking about how important it is for sales reps to steer conversations away from the risks of painkillers and talk about the benefits of taking them.

Another training document talked about assuring doctors not to worry about patients pursuing legal action, as long as they're prescribing the medication the right way.

The state again pushed the message that this is not the first time our country has suffered from an opioid crisis and claimed it's because of companies like Johnson & Johnson that we're in this position again.

The state used a map to show the judge just how bad Oklahoma's opioid crisis is compared to other parts of the country.

When the state is finished Johnson & Johnson's attorney will get to question the company's spokesperson.