Sand Springs Officials Release Levee Evacuation Contingency Plan

Saturday, May 25th 2019, 7:02 pm
By: Jantzen McGhee

Officials want to be clear, this is only a precautionary measure, and no breach has been detected at this time, but they are taking no chances.

This plan is being released out an abundance of caution.

Below is the plan, as outlined by Sand Springs Police-Fire Emergency Management. 

Upon Notice from any authority recognized by the City of Sand Springs as having credible authority to warn of an
impending or actual breach, the City of Sand Springs will activate the following evacuation plan.

1. Notification will be made to all businesses or citizens that have registered with our Emergency Phone Notification
System. We will Instruct the business that they should close immediately and ask all patrons and employees to exit
the building and to drive or walk to be north of Highway 412/64.

2. We will send officers to expedite traffic to accomplish the goal of having all persons in the affected area to be
North of Highway 412/64.

3. We will Sound our Flood Warning Sirens for the entire City warning of the impending flood.

4. We will not allow any traffic other than rescue personnel to drive South of Hwy 412/64 or North on Hwy 97 from
South Sand Springs.

5. We will assist all other agencies on mutual aid as resources allow


The area that will be warned will be as shown in this map:



The City of Sand Springs will provide a copy of this document to all effected businesses and the public at large so that
they will be aware of the steps we would take, in the event of a breach.

The City will encourage all businesses to make their employees aware of these steps in case this plan would be

The City will also place officers and volunteers at a location close to 10th and Adams to receive people who are
airlifted to safety during a breach event.

The City Emergency Operations Center will closely coordinate activities with TAEMA.

Map of Emergency Services Locations in Sand Springs

Sand Springs Emergency Services Location Addresses

Red - Fire Station #1 - 217 N. McKinley Sand Springs, OK 74063

Pink - Police and 911 Center - 100 E. Broadway Sand Springs, OK 74063

Yellow - Sand Springs Emergency Operations Center - 106 E. Broadway Sand Springs, OK 74063

Blue - Emergency Flight Ops Landing Zone - SW corner of 10th and Adams Sand Springs, OK

Green - Emergency Flight Ops Recovery Center - Broadway Baptist Church or Ed Dubie Field House


Map of Possible Haz-Mat Considerations - Light Blue Areas