Law Enforcement Stressing Caution For Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 25th 2019, 10:13 am
By: News On 6

Even though it's Memorial Day Weekend state agencies are warning people about being out on flooded lakes and rivers.

OHP can't even get to their patrol boats right now without another boat to get to it because of the water. Currently, Keystone Lake is stirring at just 32 feet above normal. Campgrounds and roads are completely flooded around the lake as a result. Law enforcement is urging people to stay off the water this weekend because it is dangerous

They say if people decide to take that chance they need to be extra cautious because the shorelines are not the same as normal. There is debris everywhere and there are structures like picnic tables and fences and even trailers that are still in these parking lots just below the surface.

Law enforcement says this can cause serious damage to boats and injuries if people aren't careful. Officers also ask if you choose to go on to the water that you wear a life jacket. They say 80% of people who are involved in fatality boating accidents drown. PFDs are very hard to put on in the water wearing a life jacket is a must.

OHP says they will be focusing on patrolling the shorelines and warning people of the danger getting out on the water.