Widespread Damage After EF-1 Tornado Passes Through Tulsa County

Tuesday, May 21st 2019, 11:33 pm
By: Justin Shrair

We're getting a look at some of the damage after an EF-1 tornado passes through Northeast Oklahoma including downtown Tulsa during the early morning hours.

The damage is widespread just off highway 33 with knocked down trees, damaged homes, and thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs throughout Tulsa County.

Homeowner Scott Payne recorded the eerie silence he heard just seconds after a possible tornado ripped through his property.

"It’s scary, it’s scary to think that we were 10 feet from a wall. That this was all taking place on the other side. It’s pretty incredible," said Payne.

Phones went off early this morning as the tornado warning went into effect. Many in downtown took cover while others took incredible photos posting them all over social media.

Near Pine and Lewis even more damage and uprooted trees. Some Neighbors say they witnessed the storm.

Tulsa Man Injured When Tree Falls On House During Storm 

"I thought it was gonna move over us like it did last night. Well, not so much. About 45 seconds later I was going back in the house and telling everyone else to take cover," said Audie Wiles.

Back at Scott Payne's home it's clean up after the storm as he assessed the damage.

"We are blessed because we are alive, our dogs are alive and we will get through this and move onto the next thing,” said Payne.

This is the first tornado to tear through Tulsa City limit in nearly two years. The last time was in August of 2017 when a tornado ripped through midtown Tulsa.