Two Wagoner County Patrol Cars Swept Away By Flood Water

Tuesday, May 21st 2019, 9:13 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Two Wagoner County Deputies are okay after their cars were swept away by flood waters.

The deputies were helping other people when the water got too high. Water was covering the roadway Monday night and deputies say there was almost a tragedy.

Wagoner County Deputy Jay Ketron is going to have to get a new patrol car. 

"It was completely underwater," said Ketron.

Ketron says it happened just after midnight near Highway 51 when he noticed three cars stranded in the water. But it was while walking back to his own car, that things took a scary turn. A semi driving the other way splashed so much water, it flooded his patrol car out. Meaning Ketron was forced to call a wrecker for himself.

"Within 20 minutes, the water got so high on my car, that it actually floated my car off of Highway 51 near the Coweta Creek, and went over the embankment and flipped it on its side up next to the railroad bridge," he said.

Ketron says was able to save a little bit of his equipment, but the majority of it is now ruined. And he wasn't the only deputy facing rising waters overnight.

Another Wagoner County deputy had his car flooded in a different area. But most importantly, neither deputy and none of the people they were helping, were hurt in what was a busy night all around.

Flooding is still a concern here in Wagoner County Tuesday night and several backroads completely impassible.

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