Office Cat Killed During Tulsa Office Robbery

Friday, May 17th 2019, 9:37 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Surveillance video, taken from inside a local Tulsa office building shows a man breaking the glass to get inside late Thursday night. Just seconds later another man is seen.

"We're really a family in this building we take care of each other," said Attorney Laurie Phillips.

The two unidentified men can be seen walking around inside the building. One of the men starts going through a cabinet before walking into an office.

They took from two different attorney's offices they took two laptops and they took a desktop computer," said Phillips.

Attorney Laurie Phillips said those computers are a lifeline.

"For an attorney it is that's our main that's how we operate is through our computers cause we operate with documents we operate with research," said Phillips.

But Phillips said what hurts the most is losing their office cat Denver. She said Denver meant the world to many people in the building.

The cat even had its own home, that was heated in the winter. Phillips says Denver was found dead. She believes the cat died after being bit by a dog. She also believes the dog came with the two men.

"All took care of our cat and we will miss her and people who do this are extremely scary because of the violence of it," said Phillips.

And while recent security upgrades were able to catch the suspected burglars in the act, Laurie Phillips told News On 6, she has a message for those two men.

"I want them to know that they've hurt a lot of people by killing our cat…You took something away that a lot of people loved," said Phillips.

If you recognize either of those two men in our story, call Tulsa Police