Thief Arrested After Stealing Car From 72-Year-Old Glenpool Woman

Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 8:17 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Security footage shows a thief taking car keys, then the car from a 72-year-old woman at a convenience store. It happened Sunday afternoon at the H & Z Mart in Glenpool.

Police were surprised at the brazen theft - and that no one got hurt trying to stop him. Several people surrounded the stolen car, and tried to block it in, but the thief took off, running a red light, and later crashing into another car.

Carol Kuchera had no reason to think she wasn't safe when she walked into the gas station. She says she always locks her car, and keeps her keys close.

"I set my keys down on the counter for a second, and all of a sudden this hand comes from behind me and grabs them, just that quick" said Kuchera.

A man grabbed her car keys - and took off outside. He unlocked the doors on her 2003 Lincoln, and then locked them to keep out the people who ran after him.

"People started yelling he's got her keys, he's got her keys" said Ms. Kuchera, "and a couple of guys charged out after him." Several people in cars tried to block him in - but he went around. "I knew right then, the way he was driving he was going to wreck my car. I just hoped he didn't kill anybody."

Police say the car thief was 43 year old Kenyodus Crook, a repeat drug felon with an unfortunate last name. "The family, we know the family pretty well, but not him, he's a new one to us" said Sgt. Tracey Powell, with Glenpool Police.

Sgt. Powell couldn't remember a case when a thief was so bold as to grab the keys from an elderly victim - and then steal the car. "It was just about to the point of a carjacking situation, taking the car keys right from her. It's lucky no one got hurt."

The car thief sped off - through a red light at 141st, North on 75 to 121st. That's where he crashed into another car at the intersection off the ramp. He fled to a neighborhood at 119th and Quanah - where police found Crook trying to get into a home.

Kuchera's car was towed and impounded for a day - incurring a $350 bill. She says she didn't have full coverage insurance that would pay for repairs to her stolen car, and she doesn't have extra money to make repairs. A front wheel was broken off, and one of the doors won't open.

"I'm out a car and at my age and being disabled I can't get one right now and it's put us in a real bind," said Kuchera.

Crook remains in custody.

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