Wagoner Co. Sheriff: 'Perfect Storm' Led To The Wrong Inmate Being Freed

Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 9:20 pm
By: News On 6

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office inadvertently released an inmate out of the Wagoner County Jail. Deputies are searching for Dianna Grace West.

Woman Mistakenly Released From Wagoner County Detention Center 

The Sheriff told News On 6, that he takes full responsibility for this incident and is looking back on training and guidelines for his Detention Officers.

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, Diana Grace West was in the Wagoner County Jail for several charges including drugs, weapons, and a DUI dating back to 2016. 

On Monday, the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said the perfect storm hit.

"The bonding agent was trying to get someone out of our jail whose last name is West who had a $2,500 bond, this individual Diana West was in our facility with a $25,000 bond," said Sheriff Chris Elliott of the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sheriff Chris Elliott said an increase in inmates coming into the jail is one of several factors that led to this mistake. 

"Our detention officer, the booking agent inadvertently applied for the wrong bond warrant the $2500 to an individual that was actually in this facility that wasn't even eligible to be bonded out," said Sheriff Elliott. 

The Sheriff said that lead to Diana Grace West being let out by accident. 

"I own it. It's my jail. This should've never happened and any leader of any law enforcement organization when we have a mistake we are compelled to go back and look at and scrutinize our training scrutinize our police, our guidelines," said Sheriff Elliott. 

The Sheriff said he believes West may not even realize that she wasn't supposed to be let out. He's asking people in Wagoner County to be on the lookout and has a message for West.

"If she will turn herself in and don't try to evade the Sheriff's Office I'm sure the DA's gonna look at that before he files escape or fugitive charges on her," said Sheriff Elliott. 

In a press release on the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office website, the Sheriff's Office said a "second inmate with the same name was being released" and during that process, the wrong person West was released as well.

If you recognize the woman call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office at 918-485-3124.