Recovered ATV Becomes Powerful Tool For Miami Storm Clean-Up

Thursday, May 2nd 2019, 10:05 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Robert Murphy's modified ATV is a powerful tool for severe storm clean up.

"It'll go where skid steers can't go,” he said. “A lot cheaper to haul around and gets around a little quicker too."

And it's also a big help in hauling away fallen trees and limbs, something desperately needed in Miami this week.

Murphy is a volunteer for Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief, and is one of many volunteers helping out after a small tornado hit the town on Tuesday.

"It's just giving back what God has given to us, and it's a great blessing to help other people when they can't help themselves," said Murphy.

But Murphy's ability to help out like this, may not have been possible this time last year.

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That's because someone stole his ATV from his house in Rogers County last May - telling us at the time, he was worried about his ability to help people.

But what happened next, had Murphy truly amazed.

After our story aired, and the Rogers County Sheriff's Office took over the case, someone came forward with a tip, which within days led to the ATV's recovery, with just a little bit of damage.

"It's an amazing gift, that was quite a worrisome when we lost it,” he said.

And that gift, has given a lot in the past year.

Besides Miami this week, Murphy and his ATV have helped with disaster relief in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Connecticut, Tennessee and most recently flooding in Nebraska.

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