Tulsa Special Ops Team Learns Tactics For Fighting Terrorism At International Competition

Thursday, May 2nd 2019, 8:12 pm
By: News On 6

Members of Tulsa's Special Operations Team recently got the chance to see what they're made of, in an international competition designed to test military teams.

They went up against teams from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brunei and dozens more.

News On 6 sent me to Amman, Jordan along with photojournalist Oscar Pea, to cover the Tulsa officers, the only team from America to compete this year.

The day's first challenge is the Asylum house.

Sgt Brandon Wykoff says, “They have to go up a truck to the second floor, blow the door with a shotgun, then find and hit 10 targets and get out in under 5 minutes. In a three story building, that's a lot of movement, a lot of searching in a very limited amount of time."

But, they're not worried, because they have Freedom Eagle on their side.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is freedom eagle, it's my youngest son Jet, he packed this with me a long time ago for deployment an he's gone with me every time because he's good luck," said Josh McMath.

The clock is running, and we can't hear or see the team until they emerge victorious less than five minutes later.

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Next, it's on to the tower, a 60-foot tall beast the team must conquer - and fast. The goal of this challenge is 5 of the 8 team members have to go up a 60-foot tower into a window about a third of the way up, then get to the top inside.  Then they must fire four sniper rounds and rappel down the other sides. All team members must do that in 11 minutes.

Climbing up the side the building is no easy task, and it's just the beginning of this challenge and the clock is ticking.

Once inside the window, it's a sprint up several flights of stairs on a tight spiral staircase, then grab the sniper rifle, get the breathing and heart rate under control and make the shots.

As each team member makes it to the top, their sniper helps them sight in on their target.

Then, one by one, they come flying down the 60-foot tower, being every mindful of the minutes ticking by.

It’s another great showing by America's team.

This week is more than bragging rights, it's also a training opportunity, to learn from commando and special ops teams all over the globe as every country faces an increasing threat of terrorism.

Sgt Brian Wilson says, "Terrorism knows no borders. It's in America, in the Middle East, all over the world."

"There's a lot of knowledge walking around today, it's a phenome opportunity to tap into that knowledge," said David Brice.

After two great victories, the team ends the day feeling good as they make the long walk back to their barracks, looking forward to whatever new tests they'll face tomorrow.