High-Crime Motels Near 11th & Garnett Forcing People From Their Homes

Wednesday, May 1st 2019, 9:30 pm
By: Brian Dorman

As part of our investigation into the high-crime motels at 11th and Garnett, we’re learning that the high crime and homelessness is spreading to nearby neighborhoods.

Katherine Brady, 85, has lived at the Oakbrook Village Condominium complex for seven years and says recently things are getting worse.

“All of the drug dealers and prostitutes are homeless people just wandered in and there’s really not too much you can do about it. I mean, they’re in here all night.”

Brady and her daughter Joy just put their condo up for sale, again. This is their third time trying to sell their condo and move to someplace safer.

“We actually can’t afford to move. You know, when we moved in here we took our savings, both of us did and put it in this and we’re just caught in a hard place right now.”

Brady’s son, Mark tell us that he’s concerned for his mom and sister’s safety living so close to the high-crime motels at 11th and Garnett.

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“I think they need to shut them down. You try to find out who ones them and you can’t find out who owns them some out of state investor. You might as well call 1-800-We-Don’t-Care, you know, it’s not right, it’s not right to do to these people.”

Brady’s next-door neighbor, Marion Postoak says her until was nearly broke into last month while she was home in the middle of the day.

“(He) went to the door here and really started grabbing it and pounding on it and trying to open it up.”

Postoak told us the guy also tried to remove the screens on her windows and get in that way but eventually another neighbor saw him and chased him off.  Postoak says that same night her car was broken into.

“Rather scary. I’m by myself there’s not a lot of back up you know and I have no idea if those windows are holding up.”

Postoak says she’s sad to learn that her neighbor wants to move but with the recent rise in crime around 11th and Garnett she understands.

“I’m actually in the same boat. I would love to get out of here but I’m on disability so I really can’t afford it.”