Community Garden To Help Bring Fresh Food To North Tulsa

Friday, April 26th 2019, 1:53 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

A Tulsa County park is building a new community garden to bring more fresh food to North Tulsa families.

Right now, it looks like a random fence in a field but soon, it'll be the North Tulsa Victory Garden. People who live in the area can come here and learn to plant, maintain, and harvest their own produce.

"I feel that sometimes, this side of town gets overlooked a little bit so I think this is a great seed that was planted," said Amy Alston.

The garden will be at O'Brien Park near 66th Street North and Highway 75. Amy Alston manages a nearby mobile home park and says this is something her tenants are already looking forward to.

"They can't always get to the grocery store so this would be a great opportunity to teach them how to grow their own produce," said Alston.

"Learn how to grow them and learn how to cook them and when it's all over, they'll be able to get their own little kit and go home and be able to do it themselves," said Celecia Stewart with O’Brien Park.

The Tulsa County Parks Department says it's already planning gardening seminars and training programs. Their goal is to see fresh produce popping up all around this community.

"Let's start here and move over there and go over there and not make this a desert anymore," said Frances Dodson with Tulsa County Parks.

Alston says she, and many other people in the community, are ready to get their hands dirty in this new garden.

"I personally don't have a green thumb but I'm excited to learn to grow one," Alston said.

The parks department is hosting a grand planting event on May 4th at 9 a.m.