Rogers County Investigators Arrest 4 In Home Burglary

Thursday, April 25th 2019, 10:42 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Four people are behind bars, in two different counties, arrested for drugs, burglary and stolen property complaints.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office believes they may all be connected to a property that was stolen earlier this week from a close family member of a Rogers County Sheriff's Investigator.

Crime hit close to home for Lt. Kyle Baker Monday when he and other investigators were called to a home burglary at the home of one of his close family members.

"The front door was kicked in and lots of items were stolen and the house was ransacked including an Xbox gaming system, some personal documents like birth certificates passports jewelry," said Lt. Kyle Baker, an Investigator in the Criminal Investigation Division with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

Baker said the burglars also took a Ruger 9mm handgun. Baker said one of the victims was able to track down the stolen Xbox online. He said other items were posted online that matched items taken from the burglary.

"We always advise our victims that help us investigate these cases to look at resale sites or apps. That way they can help us look for those items," said Lt. Baker.

"If you're looking at something that you know to be worth $500 and it's for sale for $100 we call that a clue," said Lt. Baker.

Investigators set up a meet at the Hard Rock Casino to buy the Xbox, and verified that it was the one stolen. They interviewed suspects and were led to residences in Tulsa, where Tulsa Police and Rogers County investigators found other stolen items.

"Jewelry, and other items of property that were listed in the burglary," said Lt. Baker.

Four people ended up being arrested.

Darrel Baker and Amanda Lentz were arrested on burglary and stolen property complaints in Rogers County.

In Tulsa County, Soe Hill was arrested for drugs, and Todd McCutchin was arrested on drugs and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Investigators are still looking for that stolen gun. The serial number is 316-87675.