Tulsa Homeowner ‘Keeping Score’ After 6th Vehicle Crashes Into Her Home

Saturday, April 20th 2019, 8:37 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa couple got a rude awakening when a stolen truck crashed into their house during an early morning police chase Saturday.

Homeowner Elise Davis says they were sleeping when a stolen truck lost control, hit the curb, ran over their fence and hit the corner of her house. But this isn't the first time.

Davis has lived in this house for a very eventful 12 years that have been anything but quiet.

"I'm just keeping score," Davis said.

So far, that score is six.

She says six vehicles have driven off the road and damaged her property.

The most recent was Saturday morning.

"It sounded like a MAC truck hitting my house. We came on out and there was some kid with a truck in our back yard and he tore it up," Davis said.

Officers said they tried to pull over a stolen Chevy Silverado, but it took off.

They said the chase lasted 30 seconds when the driver lost control and crashed into the house.

Davis said it’s not just cars and trucks, she’s even had mopeds lose control and crash into her fence.

"Then I had a truck coming this way that drove into the fence and lost his fender and he didn't come back for it," Davis said.

Elise tells News On 6 she has never been hurt but she is fed up and tired of paying for the repairs.

"I was painting my house and look at the mess you know. Now I've got to stop painting and start picking up pieces of truck," Davis said.

Davis is asking for one thing.

"We just want speed bumps. Just to slow people up. They don't stop for the stop sign; some guy ran into this neighbor’s fence," Davis said.

Officers say the driver went to the hospital, but we don’t know how badly he was hurt.