Tulsa Business Suffers Major Setback After Pool Equipment Stolen

Friday, April 19th 2019, 9:00 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Tulsa business owner said he's out thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment after someone stole his truck.

But he's counting his blessings after police found the pickup not far from his home. Tony Grove is thankful he got his truck back quickly but said whoever stole it went for a long drive before officers found the pickup.

Grove was able to get some work done Friday with his pool cleaning business but said the theft still means a major setback for him.

"My toolbox is gone. All my pumps are gone. Extension cord, garden hoses,” Grove said.

The grandfather and owner of "Adventures in Pools" said Tulsa Police found his truck Friday morning near 11th and Sheridan. That's not far from where he lives, but Grove said somehow, whoever stole it put 400 miles on the pickup.

"Today when we got it back, it has 50,900 miles on it,” Grove said.

Not wanting to miss out on any work, Grove said he bought just enough equipment to get by for now. Normally, he said he leaves the equipment in the back of the truck without worrying it will disappear.

"Anybody that owns a swimming pool is well off enough that they don't need to steal stuff,” Grove said.

He said his business supports him and his granddaughter, adding that if police hadn't found his truck, it likely would have shut down his business.

Now, he's trying to figure out how to bounce back after losing about $2,500 worth of equipment.

"I either have to replace them and keep working, which is gonna cost even more money, or give up,” he said. “And I'm not ready to give up."

Grove said it might be difficult to spot his equipment. If you see pool equipment and think it might be out of place, call Tulsa Police.