Bartlesville Family Cleaning Up After Storm Sweeps Through

Thursday, April 18th 2019, 9:02 pm
By: Justin Shrair

At the Hankins household in Bartlesville, a massive tree fell on top of their home.

They've spent all day Thursday trying to clear the debris and are thankful no one was hurt after storms rolled thru northeast Oklahoma Wednesday night.

"Tornado Sirens went off and we come outside to look and see what was going on," said homeowner Chris Hankins.

Hankins said while he's frustrated, he feels lucky that his home only has minor damage, and that he was able to move his cars.

"I wasn't worried about the roof I can replace the roof that's not a problem but cars are more expensive," said Hankins.

He said the tough part has been trying to cut away the tree, leaving a path of branches and limbs filling up much of his backyard.

"Its all from the tree limbs what went over the house and they had to come cut our power off this morning because of the power line being almost down," said Hankins.

The storm also damaged an event center that houses the Pawnee Nation's food distribution program. The storms cracked and shattered windows there and blew away some siding.

Storm Damage Shuts Down Pawnee Nation Distribution Facility 

Back in Bartlesville, Hankins said he's just happy his family was safe.

"We are making it a family effort. It could've been a lot worse. We are just glad that nobody was hurt and there wasn't a whole lot of damage done to the roof," said Hankins.

The Hankins family said they still have their work cut out for them.

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