Suspect Arrested In Shooting Of Pregnant Woman

Thursday, April 18th 2019, 8:43 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police arrested the man they believe shot a pregnant woman in the back of the head.

Prosecutors charged Michael Sam with four counts of shooting with intent to kill and two counts of possession of a firearm. TPD's Special Operations Team paid suspect Michael Sam a visit at this apartment complex early Thursday morning.   

Sergeant Sean Larkin said this was considered a high-risk warrant, not only because of the severity of the crime but because they had received tips there could be weapons and gang members inside.

"We looked at that, we had a discussion, and we knew this would be better served with the Special Operations Team," he said.

Police said Sam shot into a moving car and hit a pregnant woman in the back of the head. At first, police reported the shooting as random, but Larkin said the investigation has proven otherwise.

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"She was not the intended target from what we understand in this investigation, but the people she was in the car with were," he said. "The vast majority, and I'm talking a very, very high percentage of the shootings that happen in Tulsa, just like any other city, they're not random."

Larkin said Sam didn't immediately come out of the apartment after the SOT team announced they were there. So, Larkin said a member of his squad fired a projectile through the suspect's window.

"To let him know, 'Hey, we're here, we're not going away,'" Larkin said. "Once that happened he pretty much came out immediately."

Larkin said a woman and two children were also safely brought out of the apartment.

He said fortunately, the shooting victim is out of the hospital, and said she and her unborn baby are doing fine. Her due date is on Friday.

","published":"2019-04-18T13:43:05.000Z","updated":"2019-04-18T23:19:35.000Z","summary":"Tulsa Police have a suspect in custody in connection to an apparent random shooting of a pregnant woman.