Sand Springs Man Tied Up During Home Robbery, Police Say

Wednesday, April 17th 2019, 3:10 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Sand Springs police are investigating after they say a man was tied up inside a home during a robbery Wednesday afternoon. They are looking for two men and a woman they say are believed to be connected to the robbery.

Sand Springs Police said a woman knocked on a door around 12:30 in Sand Springs and asked for help. They said when the homeowner opened the door, his dog ran out and the man went out to tried and catch it.

That's when Police said two men pushed the homeowner back inside his home.

"They tied him up with like extension cords and phone charger cords,” said Captain Todd Enzbrenner with the Sand Springs Police Department.

Police said one of those men had a gun. Police say they believe that the three people got away with an Xbox, a laptop, a cell phone and drove away in the man's car.

Police said it’s a 2008 Maroon Kia sedan with the license plate HWH-653.

Neighbors of the Sand Springs house where police said a man was tied up and robbed call this crime shocking.

"It's always been quiet," said neighbor Randy Vaughan. "Love the neighborhood; love my neighbors - they are all good neighbors."

"It's not bad. It's quiet, that's for sure but didn't expect that," said Randy Wooten who lives in the area.

But some of them also said they are ready to protect their home and family if need be.

"I've got my .357 on the nightstand, you know, and she's got, there's two shotguns. You know, all she's got to do is point and pull the trigger, but I hope I don't have to do that," said Vaughan.

"It's getting to the point where you never know what's going to happen and where or to who," said Stanley Wilson, who lives in the area.

Police said the man was able to cut himself loose are asking people to call them if they see anything suspicious as they continue to investigate.

Police say it's important to know who's outside your front door before opening it.

"I would suggest that when you go to answer your door, before you answer the door, you might look out the window or look out the door if your front door has windows," said Captain Todd Enzbrenner, Sand Springs Police.

Police believe the woman has brown hair and chest tattoos. One of the men has a neck tattoo. Police did not have a good description of the other man.

All are in their mid to late 20s.



","published":"2019-04-17T20:10:41.000Z","updated":"2019-04-18T03:06:15.000Z","summary":"Sand Springs police are investigating after they say a man was tied up inside a home during a robbery Wednesday afternoon.