News On 6 Improves Radar Products For Your Safety

Friday, March 15th 2019, 11:25 pm
By: Alan Crone

Thousands of people use our News On 6 weather app and website every day, but those numbers skyrocket when the weather turns bad. We've made some changes to our online radar, to help give you the most up to date information - in real time.

WARN Radar is the exact same radar we use in the weather center to track severe storms across your home town. Now wherever you are, you have access to the same up-to-the-minute radar data.

Just go to the News On 6 weather app or to

The radar application is easy to find because it’s the large icon on the main website and on the left side of the screen on our app.

The interface features an easy to use grab, click and zoom function allowing you to zoom down to street level in your neighborhood.

If storms are located over your area, find the opacity tool on the right-hand side. Move the toggle to the left, and you'll see your street level mapping more clearly.

You can create a loop of the data by moving another button left. After it loads, press the large play button and start your loop. To slow down or speed up your loop, use the + or – toggles.

Not only can you view radar data, but you have the option to add satellite imagery, lightning detection, as well as the very latest watches and warnings. Simply click on the icons and the data is added.

Since WARN Radar is mostly used for our immediate local areas, we've also created a new national radar interface that covers the entire nation. You'll find the exact same functionality with the Nexrad composite radar and even more forecasting tools for the lower 48.

Our new online WARN radar is just another reason you should download the free NewsOn6 Weather App now.