BA Mayor Pens Letter Of Support For President's Border Wall

Wednesday, January 9th 2019, 6:01 am
By: Joseph Holloway

The mayor of Broken Arrow told News On 6 he supports President Trump's plan to build a wall on the Mexico border. Mayor Thurmond said everyone should be concerned about border security.

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond said that public safety is the number one priority in all levels of government and he believes the president's plan best serves that interest. The mayor said the White House asked a handful of local leaders around the country to send a letter saying why they support the border wall.

In his letter, Thurmond said he "saw first-hand the challenges that law enforcement encounters along our southern border and I will support whatever it takes to make it secure."

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With several law enforcement agencies calling I-44 a major thoroughfare for drug activity and human trafficking, Thurmond said people across Green Country should be concerned about border security.


"I know we do have an issue in the metro area with Mexican drug cartels and different things happening, so I believe it does have an impact," Thurmond said.

Thurmond said he's visited the White House four times in the past year.