Oklahoma Veteran's Prized El Camino Stolen From Driveway

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 10:07 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A Navy and Marine Veteran who served in World War 2 and the Korean War is in disbelief after someone stole his El Camino right out of his driveway.

Jack Wakefield says that car meant the world to him and he just wants to see it returned.  Wakefield's daughter says that this car was going to be her father's last El Camino. They bought it back in 2016 started to restore it and in just hours, all those memories were taken

It's safe to say Colleen Wakefield's father Jack is a big El Camino fan. Throughout his life, Jack has bought quite a few of them and says he loves to fix them up and then sell them. At 91 years old, he knew this El Camino was going to be his last.

"It means everything to him we had been looking six months prior to buying this car to find another El Camino. He's an El Camino Freak," said Colleen.

Colleen Wakefield says her father was devastated when her father’s Blue 1986 El Camino with an Oklahoma Tag was stolen sometime late Sunday night into Monday morning.

"They took something out of me and from my family and it was the last one I knew I was going to have," said Jack.

Colleen says whoever took her father’s El Camino, didn't just take a car, but also took all the memories that go with it.

"It's my Dad this is the man, a good dad I'm sorry but there are things you do and memories that you can't put a price tag on and I love him dearly and I'd do anything for my parents," said Colleen.

Colleen says the car was her dads’ pride and joy and she knows she doesn't have much time left with him.

"They do not know what they did to this family emotionally I mean things are things but doing something with your dad for maybe the last time means everything," said Colleen.

If you see that car or recognize it call Tulsa Police or crime stoppers at 918-596-COPS.