Tulsa Firefighter Union Endorses Kevin Stitt For Governor

Thursday, October 25th 2018, 2:34 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The Tulsa Firefighters Union endorsed Republican Kevin Stitt for Governor Thursday while Drew Edmondson campaigned in southern Oklahoma.

Kevin Stitt is making a lot of endorsement announcements, claiming to lead in the polls, and drawing more distinctions between inside politics and an outsider.
The firefighter’s union credited Kevin Stitt's support of military and first responder charities as proof he's good for public safety.

“It shows you where his heart is. Kevin Stitt has had our back and now we have his,” said Union Vice President Matt Lay. 

And with them backing him, Stitt pledged state government would support them too.

“Be sure our first responders have the funding stability and the resources they need to fulfill the public's call of public service,” said Stitt. 

At the same time, Stitt criticizes Democrat Drew Edmondson for saying state services need more money.

“The government can never spend enough money so it's just typical politics as usual, the solution is always more taxes, and I think with new leadership, we can be a top ten state,” said Stitt. 

Edmondson campaigned in small towns including Ada and McAlester Thursday.
Both campaigns are increasingly drawing distinctions between experience inside and outside of government.

“I just know I'm an outsider. I've never ran for office before and people are ready for real change. I'm the only one who has demonstrated I can work with municipalities, and make sure our first responders are taken care of and valued and I think that's what the firefighters saw in me, is someone different than the regular political class,” said Stitt. 

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