Confidence Remains High At TU After Several Tough Losses

Tuesday, October 23rd 2018, 7:57 pm

The Golden Hurricane saw the losing streak reach six on Saturday, after a loss to Arkansas.

But TU is staying confident, with their eyes to the future.

“I’m tired of talking about being close.  We gotta get it done now,” said head coach Philip Montgomery.

You can understand Coach Montgomery’s frustration.  All season long, his Golden Hurricane have looked just a play or two away from drastically changing their record.

But after Saturday’s setback in Arkansas, time is getting short.

“It starts with one game at a time,” said Montgomery.  “That’s been our focus all the way through it.  This week is no exception.”

This week, TU takes on Tulane at home.  The Green Wave are 2-5 this season and have lost their last two games.

“We only have five games left,” said linebacker Zaven Collins.  “We can still go 6-6 and still make a bowl game and still do everything we want.”

As the monotony of these tough losses grows, the team says the attitude hasn’t changed.  They believe that confidence will pay dividends both this year and in years to come.

“Oh, confidence level hasn’t dropped a bit, I don’t think,” said Collins.  “If you let it drop a bit, it definitely becomes a cancer to the team.  That taste, after the season ends, it doesn’t leave.  It sticks around.”

“It hasn’t changed from day one, since I got here to now,” said Montgomery.  “We’re going to coach hard, we’re going to love them hard, and we’re going to continue to keep grinding because there’s no other way around it.”