Trailer Full Of Supplies Meant For Hurricane Victims Stolen In Muskogee County

Monday, October 22nd 2018, 9:00 pm
By: News On 6

Someone stole a trailer loaded with supplies meant for hurricane victims in Florida.

The owners are asking the community to come together to make their trip happen anyway.

They say they had been collecting for Florida hurricane victims for a week and even had a special event to fill up the trailer, but when they woke up Monday morning, the trailer and everything inside of it was gone.

“We do it every single year, whenever there’s a hurricane,” said Chad Neal.  “We gather supplies and we take our 16-foot trailer down to the affected areas.”

But late Sunday night, the trailer was taken.

“Didn’t hear a single thing.  Not at all,” said Neal.  “They came into the parking lot, backed up to the trailer, and took off with it.”

Neal says they didn’t realize anything was wrong until Monday morning.

“We woke up like we usually do, get our coffee, sat down, and watched the news,” he said.  “I looked on the computer monitor right in front of us and asked my wife, ‘Do you see the trailer?’”

He says the trailer was locked up and he and his wife thought everything would be fine.

“Bewildering how somebody could actually do that to someone else,” Neal said.

Even more bewildering, Neal says the thieves knew the trailer was loaded up for hurricane relief efforts.

“They knew that’s what was in it because that’s what the sign said on the side of it,” he said.

Fortunately, Neal says a friend from Texas has already donated a trailer for them to use, but they still need items to fill it with.

“I don’t care about the trailer.  It’s just all the goods and everything we collected to take to people down in the hurricane devastated areas,” he said.

If you spot the trailer or know where it might be, call the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office.

If you’d like to help Neal fill up his trailer with supplies Hurricane Michael victims, you can contact him here.