Gubernatorial Candidate Drew Edmondson Is Focused On Getting Voters To The Polls

Thursday, October 18th 2018, 5:31 pm
By: Amy Avery

While Vice President Mike Pence is in town endorsing Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Stitt in Tulsa, Democratic Candidate Drew Edmondson is out on the campaign trail in Oklahoma City.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Drew Edmondson has been attending events and working to get people to the polls along with several of his volunteers. Many of those volunteers are Oklahoma Teachers. 

“My kids are worth it. The kids of Oklahoma are worth it,” said Britni Hartsfield. 

Britni was a teacher at Putnam City Schools but now she’s homeschooling her kids because the class sizes got too big. 

“I had to stop teaching so that I could focus on her education because having 30 kids in your classroom is not teachable,” said Hartsfield.

Hartsfield made phone calls on Thursday along with several other Oklahoma Teachers working to get voters to the polls. 

"I’m a registered Republican and I’m voting for Drew because he’s the only candidate with a plan for education,” said Hartsfield. 

Edmondson has talked about some different proposals to raise money for education including Capital gains, gross production tax, and tobacco tax. He says Stitt’s plan lacks specificity. 

“He talked vaguely about county government and school district millage taking up slack but that’s not good news to property owners worried about their ad valorem taxation but not anything about state revenues other than a hope and a prayer,” said Edmondson.

Many of the teachers working the phones participated in the walkout back in April, Edmondson says that was the moment he knew education was going to be a key part of his campaign. 

“You may remember when they left the second week of the walkout. The signs were 'Remember in November'. Well November is coming up pretty quick,” said Edmondson.

And people like Britni, just hope that things will change for teachers in Oklahoma.

“If we all work together with Drew we are going to make it happen. I mean education will improve as long as Drew gets in,” said Hartsfield. 

Edmondson and his team are continuing to work to get people to the polls in these last few weeks.

Election Day is only 19 days away.