Pom Squad Hopes To Meet Paula Abdul During Her Tulsa Visit

Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 10:03 am
By: News On 6

Paula Abdul starts her tour at the Tulsa River Spirit Casino on Thursday, October 18, and a Tulsa high school dance team is trying to meet the icon while she's in town. 

News On 6 spent the day with the Edison High School pom squad, and they say they will "forever be Paula's girls."

The Edison pom squad has been campaigning to meet her by recreating some of her famous looks on social media. A few of the girls even got a follow back from Paula herself. They say the obsession started when they picked out their music for nationals, a mash up of Paula's biggest hits.

"Every year the theme is really taken by the girls, but this one they went above and beyond. They identified with the songs," said Edison Pom coach Sarah Ivie.

The girls set a goal to meet Paula, and that goal got a bit more realistic when her tour schedule came out. 

"And then her tour comes out and her first stop is Tulsa, Oklahoma and we're like - it's fate it has to be," said squad member Jameson White.

The girls say they relate to her because Paula was on dance team too. Paula Abdul rose to fame while performing and choreographing for the LA Lakers Girls. 

"Our whole team is really inspired by her music, and as soon as we got our music we just fell in love with it like we hadn't before," said Kathleen Unterschuetz, Edison pom squad.

"We have watched clips of her dancing. We just love her attitude. How she walks on the stage and you are in awe of her confidence, and that's what I keep trying to put on these girls is just have confidence and everybody is going to love watching you," Coach Ivie said.

The Edison pom squad placed second at nationals last year and they think a visit from their muse could take them to the top. 

So straight up Paula Abdul, are you going to love them forever? The Edison pom squad wants to meet you.