Robbery Suspect Hits Three Businesses In Three Towns

Monday, October 8th 2018, 7:02 pm
By: News On 6

Police say the same man has robbed three check cashing businesses in three different towns.

They have surveillance pictures of him and hope someone turns him in before he does it again.

It's important to remember when we say he's robbing a business, the truth is, it's a person, an employee who's getting that gun shoved in their face. It can be very traumatizing and dangerous.

In the first robbery that happened in Muskogee on September 13th, police said the man went into the Check into Cash store on North York, pointing a gun at the employee and demanding money.

Just two days later, he hit the Check N Go store near 86th street North in Owasso.

Police said not only does it look like the same man in all three, he's also wearing the same clothes.

"That's one of the biggest things that sticks out, he appears to have the same costume or clothes on, every time he does one of these robberies," said Owasso Police Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff. 

The employees each time did what he said and handed over some money, but police say armed robberies are very dangerous crimes and they can quickly escalate and the last thing they want to see is for an employee or customer, get hurt or killed. It's bad enough, these victims had a gun pointed at them.

"Anyone, no matter how tough you think you are, that would be a traumatic event, so it's not just the small amount of money, it's the lifelong trauma of having to go through this," said Woodruff. 

Because they don't know where he lives or where he's going to strike next, they say if you know him or see him, call 911.