Residents Worried After Broken Pipe Floods Owasso Apartments

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 9:59 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Some residents of The Greens at Owasso say their apartments flooded and they’re looking for answers.

They say a pipe broke last Wednesday, causing about an inch of water to flood their units.

A husband and wife, who are six months pregnant with their first child, live in one of the apartments.  In another, a couple who are about to get married and have an 18-month-old child.

“They had sent one of their maintenance guys to do, like, one of those little shop vacs, and he went in there and he was like, ‘Yeah, this isn’t going to work,’” said resident Alexis De Leon.

She says a professional crew was called in, soaked up the water, and set up fans.  However, she says the smell is overwhelming and she’s worried about mildew and mold, so she decided not to stay there for now.

“They said that it’s livable,” said De Leon.  “It’s not.  My daughter is two years old, she crawls around.  They want her to crawl around on the carpet.”

Her fiance, Allan Eastham, pointed out what he says is mud along the baseboards.

“They said it was just water, but I was watching the mud flow out of the walls,” said Eastham.

Some of it was even on their daughter’s pillow.

Next door, the Sassers are preparing for their first child.

“We asked if they were able to put us into another apartment, even just until it’s fixed, or whatever,” said Callie Sasser.  “They don’t do it.  They said they can’t do it.”

Sasser says she’s so concerned about her health that her doctor gave her a note saying that she needs to be in a safe environment for her and her unborn child – something she says the apartment complex is not providing.

“The worst smell of mildew I’ve ever smelled,” she said.  “It was like I left laundry in the washing machine for a month or more.”

The Greens at Owasso is managed by Lindsey Management Company in Fayetteville.  They have not yet issued a statement about the issue.  However, according to the BBB, they have an A-plus standing, with only one complaint made against the apartment complex.