City Council To Consider Officially Adopting Tulsa's Unofficial Flag

Tuesday, September 25th 2018, 6:25 am
By: Dave Davis

The unofficial Tulsa flag is seemingly everywhere.  It's on t-shirts, stickers, magnets and even beer cans.  While the flag has never been officially adopted as Tulsa's city flag, that could be changing very soon.

The yellow, blue and red flag with the a dream catcher and star in the middle is hanging at homes and businesses around the city, but now it appears the Tulsa City Council may be coming around on the idea of officially adopting it.  They plan on discussing the topic during their Wednesday meeting.

A group of Tulsa business people came up with idea of a public re-design process for the city flag and put it to a public vote over a year ago.

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The design that won the vote was never adopted by the city council because of numerous issues some councilors had with it and the voting process.

However, the group behind the new flag released it for public use anyway.

This week, the Tulsa City Council is expected to discuss adopting it, but at least one councilor, wants to keep the city's current flag in some capacity.  That flag is white with the city seal on it, which restricts the public use of the flag. 

The other flag, which is still unofficial, is free for use by anyone in any way.