Father And Son Accused Of Making THC Pills Illegally

Thursday, September 20th 2018, 6:20 pm
By: News On 6

A father and son are in jail after being accused of making THC pills from their own crop of marijuana.

Deputies say they found 4 weed plants behind their house, but they say when they went inside they found packages of THC pills they say the suspects made illegally.

Deputies say this is the second time they have arrested Joseph and Nathan Varano in the last two months. Deputies say they had received a tip that they were growing marijuana on their property without a license.

"We called them out from the front door and they came out. It took a little bit to come to the front door, but we did call them out the front and cleared the residence," said Rogers County Sgt. Kyle Baker.

Deputies say they found the weed plants 500 feet into the woods behind the house and found marijuana seedlings on the back deck.

They say they also found two packages of pills inside the house, each package had up to a thousand pills inside.

"He's creating or manufacturing these THC pills in his house that aren't in sanitary conditions. He's using the plants in his backyard," said Sgt. Baker.

They say even though state question 788 allows people to grow marijuana they will continue to focus on those people growing it illegally.

"It's the people who do it the right way since it's become legal, who get their licensing and pay other fees. When you have the people who don't, that try to make money without going through proper steps is the problem," said Sgt. Baker.

Deputies are sending the pills to be tested to determine exactly what they contain. Deputies added that the father is an ex-con and they found several firearms inside the house.