State Chamber Of Commerce To Hold State Question Forums

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 6:19 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The race for Governor gets much of the attention in the upcoming election, but voters will also decide five state questions.

Polling shows all of them are likely to pass.

The state chamber of commerce supports three of the 5 questions and they're working to educate people about them so they're not trying to figure it out on election day. They plan to hold dozens of forums before the election.

They're on the mission of trying to explain all of the questions while promoting a few of them.

The State Chamber supports Questions 798, 800, and 801.

Question 800 would set aside 5% of oil and gas taxes to stabilize the state budget.

"State Question 800 is forward thinking. Many states have had a vision fund like the one proposed in 800 and benefit from that fund. We think it will help the state with budgetary ups and downs," said Mike Jackson with the State Chamber. 

Statewide polling from News On 6 shows Question 794, "Marsy's Law" for victims’ rights, has the most support with 69% of voters for it only 8% against.

The polling shows all of the questions will pass, even though some education groups oppose 801.

It would lift some restrictions on school funding, giving school boards more choice.

"Nobody should be mistaken. This doesn't provide any additional funding, just some flexibility on how you use your existing funding," said Representative Mike Lepak. 
The state chamber has not taken a position on the eyecare question, number 793 but expects voters will hear a lot about it.

"We've seen a lot of advertising already. We'll see more from both sides as we get closer to the election," Jackson said.