BB Gun Used To Vandalize Claremore Businesses And Vehicles

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 5:25 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Claremore police are investigating after they say someone vandalized cars and windows at three business locations.

At Claremore Tire, a customer's car was shot cracking the windows. The business owners say the car has been sitting here for about a year, so it's not a loss for them. But two other businesses nearby were also hit.

Midtown Rental is staying open for business while they're boarding up two windows and a door. Police say someone shot at the business overnight with a BB gun. Before the business day even started police noticed the damage.

"One of our officers just happened to see it. Once he let the other officers know, they kinda got in the area. They started looking, they started locating more," said Claremore Deputy Chief Steve Cox.

Further down J.M. Davis Boulevard at Hughes Auto Electric, police say two more cars were hit with BB guns. Shattered glass covers the inside of one of the cars. Owner Mike Ozbun says thankfully, it was already in pretty bad shape.

"It had a bad engine that we were gonna get rid of it anyway. So, we were lucky that way," said Ozbun

The other car is back with its owner who will have to pay for any repairs themselves. Ozbun plans to make security upgrades so if this happens again whoever's causing trouble is more likely to be caught.

"They need to pay for what they did. They need to take care of it," said Ozbun

"If they'll do it once, they'll do it twice. So hopefully we'll catch them and put an end to this for now," said Deputy Chief Cox.

Police are looking for any possible surveillance video. If you have any information give them a call right away. As always you can remain anonymous.