No Cell Phone Policy Not Keeping Jack White Fans Away From ONEOK Field Concert

Monday, September 17th 2018, 7:03 pm
By: News On 6

Fans packed ONEOK Field Monday for the venue’s first ever rock concert. Jack White – best known as the lead singer and guitarist for The White Strips – is putting on the show.

The concert has a no cell phone policy, meaning fans have to seal their phones in bags that can’t be opened until the show ends, but the strict policy isn’t keeping away devoted fans who said it’s all about enjoying live music without the distraction of a screen.

“He wants to be able to interact with the crowd, and if everybody’s glued to a screen, he can’t feed off of them,” said fan Abraham Dekat.

Brian Carroll, ONEOK’s vice president of public relations, said the former White Stripes singer and guitarist is the perfect fit to headline the baseball park’s first concert.

"We've always had the desire to do something like this, and this one works out perfect. Jack's a big baseball fan - he's a part owner in a baseball bat company - so it's a perfect tie-in for us," Carroll said.

White is no stranger to Green Country and was in town this weekend, participating in a charity baseball game to raise money for equipment and fields for Native American communities in Oklahoma - an initiative of Warstic Bats, which he co-owns.

"I think Jack had an interest in doing baseball stadiums, and he has been in our stadium before in work with his bat company, so he was familiar with ONEOK Field, so I think there was an interest on both sides and it just worked out," Carroll said.

Fans who get to experience ONEOK's premiere concert are looking forward to the artist bringing his unique style to a new venue.

"Every show's different. He doesn't use a set list. He just goes off the vibe of the crowd, so you never know really what you're going to get," Dekat said. "Very authentic, very real. True to himself, true to his music so it's worth a listen."