Coweta Kidnapping Suspect Shares His Side

Sunday, September 9th 2018, 5:56 pm
By: News On 6, Sawyer Buccy

Lonnie Replogle says his then-girlfriend April Rider lied to police when she told them he had been holding her against her will for the last month. He says the two have been dating on and off for the last several years

In an exclusive jailhouse interview, Replogle said he and Rider could have walked out the door at any time.

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Lonnie Replogle says he and April Rider walked into Walgreens, so Rider could return some items and use the money to help pay bills. Then the trip took an unexpected turn.

"Next thing I know, we're at Walgreens and she runs around the corner and screams, "Call 9-1-1, I'm being kidnapped." And I'm like, For real?” said Replogle.

He says Rider's accusation shocked him and he immediately tried to get her to leave the store.  

"I panic and I almost want to try to jump over the counter and go, come on, why the hell are you pulling this crap again, you know?" said Replogle.

Replogle can be seen in the surveillance video start to leave the store, he gets in his car while April is being protected by a Walgreens employee inside.

"When I back out and I go I see a cop car pull in and I just panicked. I thought I'm going to jail. I am going to jail, and I panic," said Replogle.

Five police cars speed into the parking lot, blocking his truck in.

"As far as that day, what I did wrong. That is what I did wrong," said Replogle. "I should've sat there and talked to those officers, if I could go back, that is what I would do."

Replogle says he and Rider have drug addictions have caused an overwhelming amount of problems in their lives.

"We was locked up for a while and then we got out we was off the drugs, man life was perfect. It was just beautiful. I mean, she is the love of my life. But when the drugs come back into the picture, it just ruins everything," said Replogle.

He says the two had done drugs the day before the Walgreens incident and they might have still been in their systems when Rider ran.

"I want to get back to the person that I was. I'd like the opportunity of maybe going to a rehab facility," said Replogle.

Replogle was arrested and is being held in the Wagoner County Jail without bond.

"I am not a kidnapper, I am not a violent person, I am not this horrible person," said Replogle. "I feel betrayed."

Replogle was booked into jail on several complaints including aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, threatening an act of violence, kidnapping, and domestic assault.