Green Country Kids Celebrate Reading Challenge Success

Saturday, September 8th 2018, 7:38 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Before all the loud activities of the Gathering Place began, Green Country kids faced the quiet challenge of reading 2-million books.

They ended up exceeding that goal in August.

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Mayor GT Bynum did some last-minute reading today before the park opened up.

"Goodnight, goodnight, construction site. Down in the big construction site, the tough trucks work with all their might," he read to a group in the park.

The kids at Eliot Elementary were declared "Reading Tree Champions," and marched proudly in today's parade. They each received a medal.

That includes 5-year-old Tavish Parnell, he took a break from playing to talk with us today and he’s got a feeling he'll be back to Gathering Place very soon to celebrate a big day.

Travish: "This summer I read 24 books"

"AMY: “What do you think of this park?

Tavish: "My birthday's on October 10th"

Coming up next Saturday at the Reading Tree, there will be story time and kids who participated in the reading tree challenge can bring their "Golden Ticket" to pick up their medals too.