Victim's Family Seeking Justice In Adair County Murder

Friday, September 7th 2018, 5:37 pm
By: Amy Avery, Justin Shrair

Adair County Sheriff’s Office, the OSBI, US Marshals and many other law enforcement agencies across the state are actively searching for a man they say killed his wife and shot an 8-year-old in the face.

The victim’s family says they want behind bars as soon as possible.

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Adair County Sheriff’s Office says Aubrey Johnson could be anywhere right now. They’ve gotten tips that he has ties to Tulsa, Locust Grove, and many areas in between so they are utilizing resources across the state to help get this man into custody.

“Realistically he could be anywhere, so we need everybody to keep their eyes open and just help us out,” said Adair County Undersheriff Jeremy Alverson.

The Benoit siblings got a call no one wants to hear on Thursday night. 

“All she said was your sister and the baby got shot,” said the victim's brother Wahiya Benoit. 

I was shocked. I freaked out. I didn’t believe it,” said Tlvdugi Benoit.

They found out their sister Goulanv Johnson was shot to death outside her rural Adair County home and her husband was suspected of committing the crime. 

“She always saw the good in people. That’s the reason I thought she stayed with him,” said Shalom Benoit. 

The Adair County Sheriff’s Office says they got a call from a man saying his wife and child had been shot and he was transporting the child to the hospital. They got to the scene and found Johnson laying on the porch, but her daughter was nowhere to be found. 

“This is a bad crime. a bad act and everybody is looking,” said Undersheriff Alverson.

Two hours later after authorities put a BOLO out for Johnson’s husband Aubrey, they say the child was brought into the Stilwell ER by some friends of the suspect then flown to a Tulsa Hospital where she will reportedly undergo surgery.

“When you shoot a girl in the face and run you get everybody’s attention,” 

Johnson’s siblings say she was a very caring person and they are trying to remember the good times they had with her in order to get through this. 

“She was really stubborn on anything she set her mind to. She was determined to go places and (pause) she’s not. (crying) I wish she was here,” said Wahiya. 

“She had her life together. I always thought she was going to be the one to make it, but bad influences brought her down and I just wish she would’ve made it out alive,” said Tlvdugi.

"Justice is coming. The laws will get him and I hope finally they will put him away," said Wahiya.

Authorities say Aubrey Johnson should be considered armed and dangers so if you have any tips on where he might be, call the Adair County Sheriff’s Office or your local law enforcement agency.