Hominy Fire Department Using Old Fire Hose To Protect Schools

Wednesday, August 29th 2018, 5:40 pm
By: News On 6

The Hominy Fire Department is participating in a new recycling program but it doesn’t concern plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Instead, they are using an old firehose to protect classrooms from active shooters.

"Me and captain Graham there actually seen on Facebook about the same time. He called me as I was actually reading the article on Facebook and he said have you seen this article about what people are doing with their old hose," said Coby Surritte of the Hominy Fire Department.

Coby realized they had a lot of old hoses, so they wanted to try it. They cut up strip after strip of hose, and then took it to the schools to see if the trick would work.

"You take your little piece of firehose that we've cut, slip it right over the door closer. Slide it up there as far as it will go. And it prevents you from opening that door," said Surritte.

"You've always just gotta pray and hope for the best and pray that never happens but you've also got to prepare for the worst," said teacher Caleb Christian.

The fire department gave nearly 100 pieces of hose to the elementary school and some to the high school and middle school. While making schools 100 percent safe may not be possible, this cheap idea is a step in the right direction.

"Our job is to come up with ideas, train, do whatever it is we need to do as a fire department, as public servants to protect our citizens," said Surritte

So far these firefighters have cut up 300 feet of firehose but have plenty more to cut up if anyone in the community would like some they can contact the Hominy Fire Department.