New Tulsa Lab Offers Parents Quick Drug Testing Results

Friday, August 24th 2018, 10:37 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

As applications for medical marijuana come in, there is an option for parents to make sure their kids aren't getting their hands on the drug.

Studies show about 20% of teens are smoking marijuana. A new lab store open in Tulsa is different than the average drug test office there's no wait, and the professional results can be almost instant. Carrie Powers has been doing lab tests in Brookside for the past six months.

"Definitely have seen some parents bringing people in," said Carrie.

“Any Lab Test Now” can test for more than 8,000 drugs using rapid urine tests. But Powers says the most common lab work parents want to have done is a hair follicle test.

That’s because it can test for marijuana use as far back as three months, instead of just two or three days. The latest government data shows 32% of Oklahoma high schoolers have tried marijuana at least once.

"Whether or not it's their child's fault, or maybe the pressure of kids they're around, it's a good-to-know type thing," Tom Powers of Any Lab Test Now.

The owners, who are also parents, say they wanted to create a medical-spa-type environment offering parents several options and a peace-of-mind. 

"They can come in here, they can get their results, it's all private, it's all sent to them, and no one needs to know," said Tom.

The store also offers nail tests which can test drug use during the past six months. The owners say a lot of parents are buying the rapid tests to take home in case they have any suspicions.