New Okmulgee Business Promotes A Family Message

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 6:46 pm
By: News On 6

A new business in Okmulgee shows what you can do with an abandoned house if you are motivated to help someone you love.

Welcome to Miss Mary's Market here on 8th Street in Okmulgee. Jill Rhodes and her husband created this adorable shop out of an abandoned house they bought a year ago. The idea to offer fresh produce and some grocery items.

“More importantly, my daughter needed a job," said Jill.

Her daughter is Mary. Mary has Down Syndrome and although there are vocational programs none was a convenient as this.

Dana Huffman is essentially Mary's job coach, but Dana's more like family. Dana and Jill worked together for 20 years at an adult facility and so it's just natural to hire Dana to help here at Miss Mary's Market.

"Our ultimate vision is for Miss Mary's Market to be a vocational training site for adults with developmental disabilities," said Jill.

That's down the road, for now, it's all about Mary. So fresh fruit, and vegetables a few grocery items and lots of hugs and high fives. If you are very lucky you get to dance.

Like the sign says, this place will make your heart smile. Miss Mary's Market is open five days a week right now. Their grand opening is September 4th.