Tulsa Business Encourages You To Smash Their Stuff

Monday, August 20th 2018, 5:37 pm
By: News On 6

A new Tulsa business is giving people an opportunity to take out some pent-up energy on inanimate objects.

At Smash Something Tulsa, you’ll find lots of smashable things – glassware, dishes and computers, just to name a few.

"We are constantly looking for things, too," said Teana Horner.

Horner and her partners have been accumulating things for months, and now they’re inviting us to come and smash them.

Horner: "You can't just be mad at your printer one day and throw it across the office."
Rick: "But you can do it here."
Horner: "You can do it here."

That's the deal - for a fee, you can determine what kind and how much stuff you get to smash up with a sledgehammer, a bat and/or a golf club.

You can even bring a smashing friend.

"You add on $10 if you wanna have a smash partner. So, two people for $40 can go smash their little hearts out," Horner said.

Safety is a prime concern. You have to suit up in some recycled coveralls, a mask and gloves, but then you get to smash away.

I grabbed a six-pack of empties and tested out the sledgehammer, bat and golf club.

Rick: "So this is the way you do it."
Horner: "Sounds like you're doin’ it right."
Rick: "Oh, yeah, I'm fellin' better.”

You can find more information on Smash Something Tulsa here.