Truck Tailgates Stolen From Sapulpa Business

Friday, August 17th 2018, 10:31 pm
By: News On 6

Phil Kennedy is the owner of "Kennedy Used Cars" in Sapulpa. He says someone came into the parking lot and stole tailgates off three of his trucks.

"They removed this one. A Ford F150 right here down at the end here they got and there's a GMC 06 they removed," said Kennedy.

Phil says tailgate theft is an expensive crime, and investigators say it only takes a few moments.

"It’s something they can go out and snatch real quick. I mean you can pull a tailgate off of a pickup truck within just a matter of a minute," said Sapulpa Police Lt. Troy Foreman.

Replacing a tailgate isn't cheap and they can sell for hundreds of dollars online.

"Tailgates are very expensive. a new tailgate I would guess would run over a thousand dollars," said Kennedy.

An expensive price that entices some truck owners to look for ways to prevent this crime.

"I'm thinking about putting some cameras in and I may start taking all my tailgates off to prevent it," said Kennedy.

Newer vehicles have locking tailgates that help deter thefts, and locks can be purchased for older models as well.

"Go online look up some security features for protecting your tailgate," said Lt. Foreman.

Police say most stolen tailgates end up in chop shops or are sold online. But they say if you take the time and lock your tailgate, you won't be the next victim.