City Of Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter Severely Overcrowded

Friday, August 10th 2018, 9:32 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter says they have an influx of stray, abandoned, and unwanted pets since summer began.

The overcrowding so much of an issue that employees have had to put down dozens of animals and more are expected. Just this week animal welfare says they are expecting to put down a total of 80 to 85 animals. 

But they say with the community's help those numbers could go down. Inside the doors of Tulsa Animal Welfare are dogs and cats, all waiting to be adopted.  

"They don't deserve to live in a cage and I just wanted to get them out," said Melanie Tyree after adopting a kitten.

The only problem is the shelter is consistently packed to the limit with animals. 

"Last year we had 9500 animals, come into the shelter so a great portion of them come into the summer months," said Jean Letcher, Manager of Animal Tulsa Welfare.

The shelter is mandated by the state to hold onto strays for three days, which some say only compounds the problem.

"So if we know that 50 animals are coming in the next day, we've gotta have spots for those 50 animals, and that is why in the summer months we have to euthanize animals," said Letcher

It's a frustrating task for Letcher and the rest of her staff. They say it's important to understand that while euthanizing animals does happen it is *not* an everyday occurrence. 

"It depends on how many adoptions, whether we got a transfer, this year the rescues are very full," said Letcher

But there is some good news. This morning 20 animals headed to shelters in the Northwest, and another 54 will be going to other locations across the Midwest Saturday morning.

Although the transfer for several animals is welcome news Letcher says the public needs to step up. 

"They need to keep them and make sure they're not running stray, they need to make sure that they spay and neuter so that they're not having puppies," said Letcher.

And she says it's important people planning to adopt make sure they are fully committed to making their furry friend a life-long part of their family. 

If you are wanting to help you can find more information here.