Recreational Marijuana Activists Aiming To Increase Signature Count Ahead Of Ballot Deadline

Sunday, August 5th 2018, 6:40 pm
By: News On 6

The deadline is getting closer for the group petitioning to get recreational marijuana on the November ballot. Although activists say they have enough signatures already, the group Green the Vote is urging more people to sign up. 

The Green the Vote Petition wrap-up party took place on Sunday at The Shrine in Tulsa. The petitions for 796 and 797 are available here for anyone to sign. Activists are encouraging voters to sign the petitions before August 7th. 

"Up until the very last moment, even at the capital they will be taking those signatures," said Bridget Wood od Green the Vote.

So far, enough voters have signed the petition to put state question 797 for recreational marijuana on a statewide ballot but Ashley Mullen-Lowry with Green the Vote says they still need to collect more.

"124,000 is exactly what we needed a little under. Our goal is somewhere between 150 to 175 thousand," said Mullen-Lowry 

State Question 797 would allow the use of recreational marijuana while State Question 796 is an amendment for medical marijuana. Green the vote volunteers have been working hard to get these state questions on the November ballot and say the momentum is strong. 

"I think it's really important for people to remember that a lot of people in the state of Oklahoma need cannabis as medicine," said Wood

Eldon Lunsford is signing the petition. He says he is a disabled army veteran, and state question 796 and 797 would help to improve his health.

"Recreational is already legal overseas. Here we are the greatest nation in the world and we're falling behind," said Lunsford

Green the Vote says the deadline to sign the petition is August 7th. They also say the plan to turn in the petitions to the Secretary of State's office in Oklahoma City August 8th at 4:20.