Tulsa Man Says He Rammed Motorcycle In Self-Defense

Friday, August 3rd 2018, 7:28 pm
By: News On 6

A man in jail for ramming his car into a motorcycle rider shares his side of the story tonight. Maurice Vann faces serious charges and the victim, faces months of recovery.

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Police say it all started because both men wanted the same gas pump. Maurice Vann was quite unapologetic about this crime and he says, it was self-defense.

The video from a business near 11th and Yale shows the moment Vann slammed his car into a man on a motorcycle. Police say Vann admitted doing about 70 at the time. They say the victim, Brooks Whiteside, has massive lower bodies injuries.

"I wasn't purposefully trying to hit him, I was trying to stop him," said Vann.

Vann says the story is not complete without the video from the QuikTrip about a mile away. Police say it shows both men heading for the only open gas pump and Vann pulls in front of the motorcyclist and takes it.

Vann says that's when Whiteside got off his bike and kicked Vann's car.

"I hopped out and asked him, why you kick my car for?" asked Vann.

Police say Whiteside threw the first punch, the men go to the ground and struggle, then, Whiteside gets on his motorcycle and leaves. Vann says Whiteside told him, he was going to get his "brothers" and come back.

"I was scared. I really don't like to say it, but, I was scared though," said Vann.

Lori: So, after he assaulted you, why didn't you just call police and wait there?"

Vann: I could’ve been in the hospital too if I would've just stayed there and waited.

Lori: "How could it be self-defense if he was going away from you?"

Vann: I didn't do nothing wrong. He was trying to hurt me."

Police say Vann did go back to the scene later to report what happened and three men jumped him. Officers arrested one of them, Brandon Wise, for assault. Police say he's a member of the Mongols biker gang.

Vann says there's nothing else for him to say until he goes to court next week.