Catoosa Woman Loses Credit Cards To Thieves

Friday, August 3rd 2018, 6:07 pm
By: News On 6

Catoosa Police are looking for a man who may be connected to a theft in Broken Arrow.

Victims say the man offers to do work for them and then swipes their stuff.

The minute Dorothy Staires saw a story done by News On 6, she knew in her heart this was the same man that stole her credit cards less than 24 hours ago.

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Staires said she was just enjoying a soda on her front porch when a burgundy truck pulled up with two men inside. 

"This pickup pulls in my driveway. And I’m going, I don't know you. What are you doing in my driveway," Staires said. 

She said the men got out and offered to pressure wash her house.

After discussing a price, they agreed on $11 and they started working. Shortly after, things took a turn. 

"He asked me if I had an ink pen. And I was going to come in and get an ink pen and give it to him outside and he followed me in," Staires said. 

A neighbor was out in her front yard and saw these men working.

Her description of the truck seems to match the description of the credit card theft in Broken Arrow. 

"It was definitely a burgundy Dodge. It had a gray stripe around the bottom. It had gray all over it like it was an older Dodge,” the neighbor said.  

Staires said the man suggested doing work in the backyard and believes this is where they tricked her.

"While I was out unlocking the gate he came back in the house and got my billfold and took my credit cards," Staires said. 

She said they said they would come back but never did.

Shortly after, she realized they racked up nearly $5,600 on her credit cards Thursday night.

"For somebody to be that ruthless and steal from an old woman, it's just something else,” Staires said. 

Right now, no arrests have been made and police aren't sure if these cases are connected.

Police want to make it clear that this can happen to anyone. They say don't hire people you don't know and don't let strangers in your home.