TPD: Stolen Limo Recovered

Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 6:04 pm
By: Amy Avery

Tulsa Police have recovered one of the two white limousines that were stolen from a Tulsa Funeral Home at an abandoned house near North Lewis and East Archer in Tulsa.

The neighbor who found it says he noticed something shiny from the sidewalk when he was walking his two dogs. He says he went back behind the home and noticed that it was one of the limos he had seen on the news. 

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When police arrived on the scene, they checked the tags and identified it as one of the limos that were stolen from Ray Francisco's Embalming Services. They also discovered that a red truck in the front of the home was also stolen.

 "A couple people that were living in a shed in the backyard, talked with them they didn’t have much for us but at least we got the car back," said Cpl. Brandon Davis.

"We'll impound the vehicles. the column is not broken, and we don’t see any keys in the car so we will impound it that way it doesn’t get misplaced again until the owners can go and get it out of the impound," said Cpl. Brandon Davis.

"Its a pretty good neighborhood for the most part. there’s some bad parts of it but I like living here and we want to keep it safe," said neighbor Lance Jones. "When I walked by here and I saw the shiny grill I knew something was back here I had seen one of the cars that was on the news last night"

Police say the home that the two vehicles were discovered at is abandoned and they are working on impounding the limo and the pick-up.