Dozens Of Windows Broken In Bartlesville Neighborhood, Police Searching For Vandals

Monday, July 30th 2018, 7:05 pm
By: News On 6

Bartlesville police are searching for a group of vandals who they say shot out more than 30 windows in one neighborhood using a BB gun.

Stacy and Frankie Alagdon say Bartlesville police have been patrolling the neighborhood regularly since they filed their police report.

The couple says they are having trouble sleeping at night, wondering if and when the criminals will strike again.

The windows on two of the Alagdon family’s cars are taped up.

“You can see I ran a couple pieces of duct tape across the inside to keep the window together for now, until I can afford the $300 to replace it,” said Frankie.

The couple woke up Saturday morning to a driveway covered in glass and their cars riddled with damage.

They say they went on a walk through the neighborhood after they spoke with police and spotted several other cars and homes that were targeted.

“It’s just sad.  It’s disappointing,” said Stacy.  “It is going to happen again?  Do I need to let my nieces and nephews play outside?”

Police say more than 30 people in the neighborhood have called in reports of BB damage.

Officers say cars and homes were hit, several windows at the middle school were shot out, and one of the BBs even hit a woman in the head while she sat on her porch.  Police say that woman is okay.

“All day long, we were just kind of on edge,” said Stacy.  “When we went to bed, it was really hard to fall into a deep sleep because I was listening for that noise.”

Police think they have already found the BB gun used in the vandalism spree and say they have leads on who may be responsible.

Officers say they are working as fast as they can, but are still waiting on a few key pieces of evidence to move the investigation forward.